About Us

We study structural organization and function of cell envelope in Gram-positive bacteria

Natalia Korotkova, PhD

Assistant Professor


Natalia conducted her doctoral studies at the Institute of Physiology and Biochemistry of Microorganisms, Pushchino, Russia, with Yuri Trotsenko where she studied biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate by methylotrophic bacteria. She continued her training as a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Mary Lidstrom at the University of Washington where she studied glyoxylate regeneration cycle in the methylotrophic bacterium. Later she joined the lab of Steve Moseley at the University of Washington where she studied the mechanisms of Afa/Dr fimbriae-mediated adherence of pathogenic E. coli to host cells. In 2020, Natalia joined the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Kentucky as an Assistant Professor. Contact Natalia ›

Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, PhD

Postdoctoral scholar


B.S., (Hons.) in Genetic Eng. and Biotechnology, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh
M.S. in Genetics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
PhD., Microbiology, Monash University, Australia


My research project aims to investigate the role of protein glycosylation in streptococci. I enjoy music and basketball in my free time.

Contact Mohammad ›

Jeffrey S. Rush, PhD

Assistant Professor Research Track
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry


B.S. in Chemistry, Centre College of Kentucky
PhD in Biochemistry, University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Glycobiologist. Specializing in the topology and enzymology of polyisoprenyl-mediated glycosylation pathways. Contact Jeffrey ›

Tanmoy Mukherjee, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar


B.S., Microbiology, University of Calcutta, India
Ph.D., Microbiology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Interested in elucidating the underlying mechanisms of Streptococcal resistance to antimicrobial peptides and proteins (AMPs). When not doing experiments in lab, can be found in Kitchen experimenting. Pro-level air-drummer. Ardent Foodie in making. Contact Tanmoy ›

Svetlana Zamakhaeva

Graduate Research Assistant


B.S. in Biology, Ural Federal University, Russia
M.S. in Biology (Microbiology), Pushchino State Institute of Natural Sciences, Russia

I study pathogenic streptococcus and their cell wall features. Hobby: to take pictures of bacteria with SEM and confocal, climbing, furniture flipping and yoga. Contact Svetlana ›

Nicholas Murner

Graduate Research Assistant

B.S in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, Purdue University School of Science, Indianapolis, IN.

I am interested in antibiotic resistant mechanisms and cell wall biosynthesis in Gram-positive bacteria. I especially enjoy identifying novel targets for drug design and elucidating complex biochemical pathways in pathogenic bacteria. I enjoy playing tennis and kayaking on the weekends. Contact Nicholas ›

Cameron Kenner

Laboratory Technician


B.S. in Biochemistry, Georgetown College

I am from Frankfort, Kentucky and I love volleyball, cool podcasts, climbing and to purify proteins. Life of the lab is dependent on me because I do the shopping for everybody! Contact Cameron ›

Marilia Manta

Visiting Scholar


B.S. in Biomedicine, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
M.S. in Biochemistry and Physiology, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

I’m always in the mood for new discoveries and adventures. In my free time I like to cook, play soccer and go to the beach. Contact Marilia ›

Shatha Al Adawi



Undergraduate student in chemical engineering on the Biopharmaceutical Track at the University of Kentucky. 

I love working in a lab environment and seeking out new challenges. Interested to learn more about developing processes to produce drugs and medicines, food, and drinks. Hobbies: hiking, cooking for people, and traveling with friends. Contact Shatha ›